My doctor has told me I have Chronic Kidney Disease. What treatments should I follow?

It is very important to control blood pressure. This will decrease kidney damage and may delay the progression of your kidney disease. For that we must consider:
  • Use of medications to control blood pressure
  • The goal is to maintain blood pressure at 130/80 mm Hg or less
There are other recommendations to improve control of chronic kidney disease and avoid heart problems. They are between them:
  • No Smoking
  • Follow a diet low in fat and cholesterol
  • Exercise regularly (with prior medical authorization)
  • Use the medicines as prescribed by your doctor
  • Maintain good control of your blood sugar levels
  • Use your diabetes medications as ordered
  • Avoid foods high in sugars
  • Doing physical activity regularly
  • Monitor your glucose levels at home.
  • Decrease your intake of foods high in sodium
Notify your health care team (primary care nurse, dietitian, social worker, or nephrologist) before you start using any vitamin or natural supplement or medication. Also, let the other doctors know that you visit that you have chronic kidney disease. Sometimes it may be necessary to use other treatments such as:
  • Special medications called phosphorus traps to help keep phosphorus levels in the blood from rising too much.
  • To improve your anemia – iron supplements in pills or by vein and sometimes special injections of a drug that will help improve your hemoglobin levels and avoid blood transfusions.
  • Calcium and extra vitamin D (in amounts prescribed by your doctor.Never use supplements without first talking to your nephrologist)
In addition to using medications, part of your treatment includes making changes in your eating habits. These include:
  • Decrease your sodium intake
  • Control your fluid intake
  • You may need to decrease the amount of protein you eat
  • Reduce the amount of foods high in potassium and phosphorus
  • Consume the calories needed to stay at a healthy weight for you.
At CKD clinics we can help you manage your chronic kidney disease as we have expert renal health professionals.